Common Questions

(Sexual Assault)

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What is sexual assault?
I was not "raped" but I was touched inappropriately, is that sexual assault?
How common is sexual assault?
If I have been sexually assaulted, should I seek medical attention?
What is a rape kit?
Do I have to cooperate with law enforcement in order to get a medical forensic exam?
Policy for Payment of Rape Kit
If I have been sexually assaulted, what are my options for reporting?
If I report the sexual assault to the police, what happens next?
If I do not want to report the sexual assault to the police, are there any other legal actions I can take?
Can there be both a criminal case and a civil case against the perpetrator?
What if I was sexually assaulted at work?
If I was sexually assaulted at school, should I report the incident to someone there?
What if I am not a citizen of the United States, but I am a victim of sexual assault? (¿Qué pasa si no soy ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, pero yo soy una víctima de agresión sexual?)
The sexual assault occurred in my home and I don't want to return. Can I get out of my lease?
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