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Learn about our virtual law clinic - your opportunity to provide pro bono wherever you have internet service!

How You Can Contribute Pro Bono Legal Services

There are many ways you can provide pro bono services that will assist low-income individuals in Wyoming with their legal needs. Donate your time in one of the following ways and make a difference in someone’s life.

Accept a Wyoming Case

The most direct way you can provide help is by accepting a pro bono case. We are always in need of attorneys throughout the state that are willing to take a pro bono case. The legal needs of the low- income population far exceed the resources available for legal aid organizations alone to meet the demand.

Attorneys practicing in many areas of law are needed.  You can request the areas of law and types of cases in which you are interested and you are never under an obligation to accept any particular case.  You will always have the ability to review a case and make an independent decision whether to accept the case.  Sign-up by completing the "I'll Do One" Pro Bono Pledge!

Volunteer for a Clinic

Volunteer to give one-on-one advice to attendees at a legal clinic.  Many people have legal questions and need to speak to an attorney to get advice.  Volunteering at a clinic only takes a few hours of your time, but the service you provide is vital in helping people understand their legal rights.  Sign-up by completing the Pro Bono Pledge!

See the calendar for upcoming clinics in your area. 

Virtual Law Clinic - Wyoming Free Legal Answers

Provide one-on-one advice to Wyoming citizens through our virtual law clinic, Wyoming Free Legal Answers.  All you need is internet access! This enables you to volunteer when you have time and in the areas that interest you. Learn more here and register here.

Teach a Class

Share your knowledge and provide information to your community by presenting on a legal topic at a community education event.  Community education events are held on a wide range of legal issues and are a great way to reach a large number of people. Sign-up by completing the Pro Bono Pledge!

See the calendar for upcoming events in your area. 

Why Volunteer?

People need your help.  This is the number one reason to volunteer.  As a lawyer, you have invaluable skills that can help others who are less fortunate.  Providing pro bono legal assistance is essential for improving access to justice. 

Pro bono work provides you with recognition among your peers and an opportunity to be actively involved in your community.  Whether you are a partner, associate, or solo practitioner, pro bono service can provide invaluable experiences that truly have a positive impact on individuals and their families.  Doing pro bono work is an opportunity to be actively involved in your community. 

Equal Justice Wyoming is committed to supporting pro bono efforts by providing information, training, and access to legal forms and resources to attorneys who volunteer.  Volunteering today is the first step towards providing meaningful legal assistance to those who would otherwise be turned away. Sign-up by completing the Pro Bono Pledge today!

Limited Scope Representation: Materials for Wyoming Attorneys

This guide to limited scope representation includes suggested samples, forms, guidelines and handouts that have been developed to use in limited scope representation. The materials are not official court forms and are not appropriate for every case or situation. The forms offer a variety of suggestions that you should tailor to your particular practice as appropriate. Each case and client presents unique facts and professional and ethical considerations in the use of limited scope representation. Nothing in these materials is meant to be a substitute for your own professional judgment.

Pro Bono Week 2020

Click here to view Governor Gordon's 2020 Pro Bono Week Proclamation.