Common Questions


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What is Bankruptcy?
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Should I file for bankruptcy?
My wages are already being garnished. Will a bankruptcy stop the garnishment?
How can I stop my creditors from coming after me?
How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?
What information and documents must I give to the bankruptcy court?
What is a creditor’s meeting?
What is the role of the trustee?
Is it okay if I transfer property to another friend or family, prior to filing bankruptcy?
Will bankruptcy stop a foreclosure on my house?
Can I discharge child support or student loan debt?
I heard that I cannot discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy. Is this true?
Can I keep my car if I file bankruptcy?
If my spouse files bankruptcy, will it affect me or my credit?
Will I be able to restore my credit?
I have filed bankruptcy in the past. Can I file bankruptcy again?
Do I need to disclose any assets I jointly own with someone else?
I hear I must take some sort of a class before I can file bankruptcy?
Can I still get credit, a car loan or a mortgage to buy a house after I file bankruptcy?
Will I get fired by my employer if I file bankruptcy?
Where can I find help to file bankruptcy?