Common Questions

(Guardianship of a Minor)

Legal Disclaimer: The following is basic legal information, provided as a public service by Wyoming’s lawyers. The information provided is not a substitute for speaking to an attorneyOnly an attorney can give you legal advice regarding your specific situation. Click here for help finding a lawyer.

NOTE: The information in these frequently asked questions is about probate guardianship. These cases are brought by the person seeking to be appointed guardian or by someone else in the family asking the court to appoint a guardian. If custody of the minor was awarded to a non-parent through the juvenile dependency court, this section does not apply. If Department of Family Services (DFS) is involved in your case, you probably have to go to the juvenile court to find out what you can do. Click here for more information about Juvenile Court.

What is a guardianship?
What responsibilities does a guardian have?
Who can be a guardian?
How do I ask the court for a guardianship?
What can I do if I can’t afford to pay the court’s filing fee?
What if the parents agree to let me care for their child and do not want to go to court?
What if I cannot locate one or both of the minor child’s parents?
What if one or both of the minor child’s parents do not agree with me being the guardian?
What if I am granted guardianship (temporary or permanent), and then the child’s parent or parents change their mind and want the child back?
Can I ask for a guardian for my child if I am dying?
What if one or both of the child’s parents are in jail or prison?
How can I find someone in jail or prison?
What documentation do I need in order to add the Minor to my health insurance, car insurance, etc.?
How do I get copies of birth certificates, social security cards, etc., for the minor?
How do I become the Representative Payee for social security benefits?
Can I claim the minor as an exemption on my tax return?
What if the minor child receives SSI? Where does the money go when the child has a guardian?
What is the difference between guardianship and adoption?
What is a conservatorship?
What is a temporary guardianship for educational, medical care, and dental care purposes?
How does a guardianship end?