Common Questions

(Adult Guardianship)

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NOTE: The information in these frequently asked questions is about probate guardianship for an adult.

What is a guardianship?
What is the difference between a guardian and a conservator for an adult?
When is a guardian for an adult needed?
Who can be appointed as a guardian?
Who has preference to be appointed as guardian for an adult?
What are the responsibilities of a guardian?
How do I establish a guardianship?
Who participates in the proceeding to establish a guardianship for an adult?
Who gets notice that a guardianship has been filed?
What court can hear a guardianship and in what county should it be filed?
What happens at the court hearing?
What are letters of guardianship?
After the guardianship is granted and the letters of guardianship are issued, is there anything else the guardian must file with the court?