Common Questions

(Child Support)

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What Is Child Support?
What is Child Support Enforcement Services?
Is legal action needed to force a parent to pay child support?
How and when is child support ordered?
How is child support determined?
What are child support guidelines?
What is the income shares model?
What is income?
What is “net” income?
What if I receive public benefits? How is that factored into the child support amount?
What does it mean if someone is considered “voluntarily unemployed or underemployed”?
What if I want to change jobs or go back to school to get an education?
What can I do if the child support order is not being paid?
What are the consequences for not paying child support?
Can a parent stop allowing the other parent to visit with the children if he or she is late paying child support?
Can I stop paying child support if I am not allowed visitation by the other parent as required by court order?
When does a child support obligation end?
Can child support be modified or changed?
What has to happen for child support to be increased or decreased?
If custody is changed, does child support also change?
How do I ask for a change in the child support order?
Can I get child support if the other parent does not live in Wyoming?
Can I get child support if I don’t know where the other parent lives?
What if the person ordered to pay child support is in the military?
What if the parent owing child support is in jail or prison?
Is overtime pay calculated into the child support obligation?
If my children receive Social Security or veteran’s benefits, will it affect child support amounts?
What is an income withholding order?
Are there limits on the amount of money, which can be withheld from the obligated parent’s paycheck?
Can parents make their own agreements about the amount of child support to be paid?
How is child support paid? Who is it paid to?
What if I am obligated to pay child support but I have the child for 15 or more consecutive days?
Who is obligated to pay for health insurance and medical expenses of a child?