Common Questions

(Child Custody & Visitation)

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If parents are seeking a divorce, the issue of custody will be decided as part of the divorce. If there is no marriage relationship between the parties, the issue of custody may be brought before the Court as a paternity or parentage action. Either way, parents have to make plans for where their children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent. These are called custody and visitation arrangements and they are included in the Decree of Divorce or Order Establishing Child Custody and Visitation entered by the judge. Click here for an overview of child custody.

What are some benefits of getting a custody order?
Without a custody order, what rights do I have?
Can I represent myself in a custody dispute?
How is custody (the legal responsibility for caring for a child) decided?
What factors does the judge consider when deciding child custody?
Does the gender of the parent matter in custody cases?
Can the court consider evidence of domestic violence and child abuse when determining the best interest of a child?
What types of custody are there in Wyoming?
How can custody be set up?
When is visitation ordered?
Who pays for transportation to and from visitation?
How do I know if a Wyoming court can decide my child custody case?
If I am not married to the other parent of my child, how can I get a court to give me custody of my child?
When will Wyoming decline hearing a child custody case?
What if my spouse and I can’t agree about custody of our children?
What is a Guardian ad Litem? Why is a person appointed to represent the best interest of a child?
Can the court require the parents to attend parenting classes?
What happens if one parent doesn’t allow the other parent to have court ordered visitation?
If I have legal custody, do I have to tell the other parent that I’m moving?
Can custody be modified or changed?
What if child custody was already decided in another court?
If the parent with custody moves to another city or state is that a material change is circumstances?
Can I do anything to prevent my child from going to the other parent when I die?
What are the rights of grandparents?
What are the rights of stepparents?
What is the effect of military duty/deployment in custody/visitation?