News for the Wyoming Legal Aid and Access to Justice Community
Volume 1, Issue 1

January 11, 2013

The Center Hires its First Executive Director

After a national search and lengthy interview process, the Board of Commissioners selected Angie Dorsch to be the first Executive Director for the Wyoming Center for Legal Aid. Angie began working at the Center in late August as a Staff Attorney, but expressed an interest in and subsequently applied for the Executive Director position. Angie’s extensive background in legal services will benefit the Center, its stakeholders and the public in many ways. Click here for more.

Legal Advice and Intake Hotline: Joint Project with Legal Aid of Wyoming

Since early November 2012 the Center has been collaborating with Legal Aid of Wyoming to expand hotline services throughout the state. Supplemental funding was granted to Legal Aid of Wyoming so that additional staff can answer hotline calls Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. For the first time in Wyoming, eligible persons can call a hotline and speak directly to an attorney over the phone. The hotline’s toll-free number is 877-432-9955. Click here for more.

The Center Launches New Statewide Website

The Center launched our new website in early November 2012. It is filled with legal information presented in a plain-language format which enhances user-friendliness and appeals to a broad demographic. This is an important milestone for Wyoming. The Center’s website is the first website in Wyoming to attempt to centralize available legal resources on one site. Thanks to Kristin Karr, staff attorney at the Center, Heather Shoemaker at Cheyenne Technology and Chris Hoffmeister at Western Sky Design, Wyoming has an impressive website that reflects the months of hard work devoted to this project. The Center is very fortunate to have Kristin’s combined legal background and technical skills so that individuals in all corners of the state can have access to basic legal information. Click here for more.

Limited Scope Representation Initiative is a Collaborative Effort

The Center is working with the Wyoming State Bar and the Access to Justice Commission to encourage more attorneys to take advantage of limited scope representation, or the “unbundling” of legal services. Rules 1.2 and 6.5 of the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct allow attorneys to handle discrete portions of particular cases in appropriate situations. There are several reasons why limited scope representation should become an integral component of the legal profession. Click here for more.


Wyoming Center for Legal Aid Publishes First e-Newsletter

We are pleased to share with you the first of what will be many issues of our e-Newsletter. The newsletters will provide updates on the various activities and events that are happening around the state. We will share news from the Center, provide information on civil legal services in Wyoming, and stories from our partner organizations. Recipients can easily “unsubscribe” if they do not wish to be on the mailing list. Additionally, Center staff hope that recipients will forward the newsletters to others who may want to subscribe.

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